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Student Disciplinary Council (SDC)

The Student Disciplinary Council (SDC) is a body formed by the Chancellor under the administrative supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. It replaces the now defunct Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) as a disciplinary arm of the University, as per the 2012 UP Diliman Code of Student Conduct.


A safe and nurturing university environment where students learn civility, veer away from destructive behavior, develop nationalism and social responsibility, and thrive in a community of scholars that uphold the highest standards of honor and excellence.


  • Orient faculty and students about the relevance of ethical conduct to academic and personal life
  • Ensure fair, just, and effective promotion of ethical behavior, moral consciousness, peaceful management of conflicts, and enforcement of principled discipline
  • Initiate review of the Code as a living document
  • Facilitate the development of students’ social and behavioral skills that would help them excel in a globally competitive environment


  • Receive copies of all complaints and case reports involving student misconduct
  • Facilitate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods in cases involving less serious misconduct committed outside the jurisdiction of a college
  • Form ad hoc committees that will hear and resolve cases involving serious misconduct, except intellectual dishonesty, and less serious misconduct involving more than one college
  • Monitor the progress and resolution of all cases, including enforcement of corrective measures, and submit status reports to the Chancellor
  • Accept and process requests for student disciplinary clearance

Case Workflow

The following flowchart is a summarized version of the different ways cases are handled. For a more detailed workflow, see Appendix C of the 2012 UP Diliman Code of Student Conduct.

Case Workflow Image

Clearance Workflow

Clearance Workflow Image


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Contact Details:

Rooms 201 to 204 Vinzons Hall
Telephone Numbers: 
9818500 loc. 4509 (Staff) or 4526 (Chair)
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