The University of the Philippines Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (UPD OVCSA) assists the UP Diliman Office of the Chancellor in promoting the welfare of and maintaining discipline among students. The UPD OVCSA is at the forefront of crafting and providing projects and activities that concern students and student services. Such are, but not limited to: food service, guidance and counseling, learning assistance and tutorials, scholarships, student complaints and grievances, student housing, student organization, and student ethics. 

In coordination with its subunits, the UPD OVCSA regularly spearheads the following university-wide projects: Freshie Orientation Program, Freshie Welcome Assembly, University Student Council Election, Philippine Collegian Editorial Examination, and Recognition Rites for Student Achievers and Outstanding Student Organizations. 

Recognizing the power and necessity of the studentry’s voice, the office also participates in and promotes campaigns and initiatives led by the University’s student sector in service of the Filipino people.


The  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  is the leading unit for student services and programs innovation in UP Diliman to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of all students; create enabling conditions for the exercise of innovative, sustainable, and interdisciplinary knowledge production; and nurture in students a sense of social responsibility anchored on principles of ethical and service-oriented leadership.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs upholds the University’s mission of honor, excellence, love of country, and public service through providing supportive, transformative and innovative services to its diverse studentry in an environment where collaboration, social justice and holistic development are present. These are achieved by providing opportunities for leadership and student engagement in order to prepare them to take challenging responsibilities for their future world of work; nurturing individual skills, talents and abilities through academic, social and psychological support; creating a safe, healthy and holistic learning environment; providing innovative opportunities for self-awareness, student learning and social responsibility; and equipping students with necessary life skills in order for them to develop a sense of purpose.


Review and Assessment of General Inquiry (Ask UPD)

UP Diliman students, student organizations, and other individuals and organizations may seek information related to student affairs and services and other matters related to the university life of a UPD student through Ask UPD.

Ask UPD is “a One-Stop Center” for student concerns where students can seek information on student support programs offered by the University, as well as other student concerns they may have regarding academic assistance, financial assistance, student housing, and even security concerns prevalent among students. Prior to asking inquiries, clients are advised to check the compiled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Sheet.

Review and Assessment of General Request/Inquiry

Aside from the Ask UPD, UP Diliman students, student organizations, and other individuals and organizations may seek information related to student affairs and services and other matters related to the university life of a UPD Student from the OVCSA.

Upon evaluation, inquiries and requests that are outside the scope of the Ask UPD will be catered by the OVCSA. General requests related to student affairs and services from clients will also be entertained.

Endorsement of Various Request

UP Diliman students and UPD Student Organizations may request endorsement from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for various purposes. Supporting documents will depend on the nature of the endorsement being requested.

Endorsement from Student Affairs Official

UP Diliman Students and Students Organizations who needs official endorsement from the Student Affairs Official as a requirement from an institution may request an endorsement letter/templated certification from the OVCSA. In cases that the requesting institution requires the Certificate of Good Moral Character, the OVCSA may only provide for templated certification following the submission of needed certificates of no pending case.

Issuance of Statement of Support

UP Diliman Students and Student Organizations who are conducting events and activities may request a Statement of Support from the OVCSA. Requesting parties are expected to provide a draft document containing pertinent and relevant information.

Request for Travel Authority/Order

UP Diliman Students who are on travel using government funds may request for endorsement for Travel Authority/Order through the OVCSA. The request must be endorsed by the requesting party’s the College Dean/Unit Head bearing the pertinent and relevant information.

Request for Funding

UP Diliman Students and Student Organizations needing funding for various reasons may request for funding through the OVCSA. Endorsement shall be based on the merit of the request and subject to availability of funding. The request must be endorsed by the requesting party’s the College Dean/Unit Head bearing the pertinent and relevant information.

Endorsement of Educational Development Fee (EDF) Discount

UP Diliman foreign students required to pay Educational Development Fee may request for discount through the OVCSA. The EDF Discount Form should be endorsed by the College Dean/Unit Head.

Request for Social Media Promotions and/or Email Blast

UP Diliman students and UPD Student Organizations may request to email blast advisory, announcement, invitations to all UPD registered students through the OVCSA Email Blast system. Sharing of social media posts may also be entertained by the OVCSA.

OVCSA Strategic Goals

Increase visibility and effective communication

Effective dissemination of correct information is at the heart of democratic governance. A clear information system must be put in place for student affairs and services, and the office itself must become more visible, especially online, in order to foster active participation and engagement among students and show transparency in its operations. There must also be open lines of communication with and among the students, so that dialectical relations are nurtured through effective dialogue and consultation.

Ensure reliability and ease of access to student services

The OVCSA website must become a one-stop portal for students’ welfare needs. Students should not have to work so hard to find and avail themselves of economic, academic, and psychosocial support. To this end, there is a need to develop more imaginative platforms and interfaces for student services, such as a centralized app for student affairs and/or an interactive virtual campus. Certainly, this goal also presupposes that staff are given capacity-building trainings so that they are able to navigate these new platforms and render services with ease.

Strengthen student organizations and cultivate ethical leadership

Because of the rapid changes in our students’ learning environments, there is a need for the University to ensure that student organizations remain safe spaces governed by ethical principles of safety and non-discrimination. In the mess of call-out cultures and cyberthreats, it is imperative to help student-leaders in navigating these experiences by strengthening the ethics research arm of the Office for Student Ethics and conducting updated workshops and seminars for students and organizations through the Office of Student Projects and Activities.

Establish Knowledge Management Systems in OVCSA offices

Administrative and operational efficiency must be founded, first, on a properly kept knowledge base, to provide a clear sense of the institution’s mandate that will inform the conduct of, and provide basis for changes to, its services. Second, good practices in record-keeping, archiving, and documentation are also crucial, to build institutional history and ensure continuous and effective dispensation of student services—especially through and despite difficult and transitional periods.

Promote health, wellness, and environmental sustainability

It is important for student affairs offices to recognize their role and responsibility in promoting the general health and welfare of students. Health and wellness are not guaranteed only by access to medical care but by general cooperation and public participation in the promotion of safety and well-being, mental health and emotional resilience, and sustainable practices in living and consumption in the whole UP Diliman community.