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The Office of Student Projects and Activities (OSPA), formerly known as the Office of Student Activities (OSA) is a subunit of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA). OSPA is the core planning and coordinating body for student activities throughout the UP Diliman to enhance students’ academic and social well-being. It handles two major programs – (1) the General Students’ Program (GSP) and (2) the Organized Students’ Program (OSP).

For the GSP, the office serves as a secretariat during University Student Council (USC) Elections, administers the Philippine Collegian Editorial Examination, and launches other student programs such as the Talaban and Bigkisan. While for the OSP, the office reviews, processes, and approves the registration and activities of every organization, fraternity and sorority, and facilitates the use of activity rooms and Tambayan. Moreover, the office serves as a liaison for communications between the OVCSA and student organizations, sororities and fraternities, and between the University and outside groups requesting UP student participation.


In 1959, the International Students Program (ISP) was established under the Office of the Foreign Student Adviser. By 1972, the first full-time director of ISP was appointed under the Dean’s Office for Student Affairs. Conceived and nurtured by Prof. Luis Beltran, the Student Activities Center (SAC) was formed in 1990. It served as a major service of the Office of Counseling and Guidance, headed by a Coordinator. Prof. Oscar L. Evangelista later fostered it.

Upon the virtue of the 1069th Meeting approved by the Board of Regents, the Office of Student Activities (OSA) was reorganized on July 28, 1993, and conceived the OSA, where the SAC and ISP merged. Later on, the SAC became the General Students Program (GSP). Through GSP, OSA began to attend to the concerns of all students regarding the Student Activities, Organizations, and Student Leadership. Fourteen (14) years later, OSA was headed by its first faculty administrator in 2007.

Until December 2016, through the International Students Program or ISP, the OSA attended to the concerns of international students enrolled in UP Diliman regarding admission, visas, and study permits. OSA kept track of their academic progress through the required submission of grades every semester. With UP’s efforts to increase new partnerships with other international universities and institutions, the administration has centralized all functions and processes related to international matters by creating the Diliman Office of International Linkages.

Finally, on July 31, 2019, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) was renamed the Office of Student Projects and Activities (OSPA) as approved during the 1346th Board of Regents Meeting.



A student­ friendly office that provides a safe space which enables and empowers the students in systematic, transparent and efficient formation and individual development.


To serve as the central coordinating body of university- ­wide student activities which promotes and enhances the academic development and social well ­being of the students.

General Student Program (GSP):

Philippine Collegian EIC Exam / University Student Council Elections (UPD Halalan)

OSPA provides administrative support to every conduct of the Philippine Collegian Editor-in-Chief Examinations and the University Student Council Elections.

Facilitates the Use of Activity Rooms at Student Union Building

While overseeing and coordinating student activities, OSPA also ensures a smooth reservation process in order for students to conveniently access and utilize the activity rooms at Student Union Building.


Other Student Programs:


The UP Diliman Office of Student Projects and Activities (OSPA) successfully launched 4 installments of Talaban from 2021 to 2022. Talaban is a Student Org Webinar series initiated by the OSPA, with the help of each of its partner organizations to reach wide number of students especially while in a remote learning set up during pandemic. This program primarily aims to help student orgs introduce and promote their organization and their advocacies as well.


Bigkisan is an annual Student Organization Summit in UP Diliman. This shall serve as a platform to tackle student issues where students come together, collaborate, and learn from each other, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective and socially responsible leaders.


Organized Students’ Program (OSP):

Registration for University-wide Student Organizations

OSPA processes applications for Student Organizations’ University Registration. It also facilitates the annual orientation for the university-wide registered student organizations.

Awarding of Tambayan Spaces

OSPA processes applications and awards available tambayan spaces at Vinzons Hill Complex to interested university-wide registered student organization. It also endorses requests for the use of University facilities.

Activity Approval and Announcements

OSPA processes applications and approves student activities hosted by student organizations, which includes academic, advocacy, capacity building, extension and community service activities. The office also approves posting of activity announcements and promotional materials and, participates in disseminating information on student activities, awards, contests and the like.

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