The University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) assists the UPD Office of the Chancellor in promoting the welfare of and maintaining discipline among students. The UPD OVCSA is at the forefront of crafting and providing projects and activities that concern students and student services. Such are, but not limited to, food service, guidance and counseling, learning assistance and tutorials, scholarships, student complaints and grievances, student housing, student organization, and student ethics. 

In coordination with its subunits, the UPD OVCSA regularly spearheads the following university-wide projects: Freshie Orientation Program, Freshie Welcome Assembly, University Student Council Election, Philippine Collegian Editorial Examination, and Recognition Rites for Student Achievers and Outstanding Student Organizations. 

Recognizing the power and necessity of the studentry’s voice, the Office also participates in and promotes campaigns and initiatives led by the University’s student sector in service of the Filipino people.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) is the leading unit for student services and programs innovation in UP Diliman to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of all students; create enabling conditions for the exercise of innovative, sustainable, and interdisciplinary knowledge production; and nurture in students a sense of social responsibility anchored on principles of ethical and service-oriented leadership.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs upholds the University’s mission of honor, excellence, love of country, and public service through providing supportive, transformative and innovative services to its diverse studentry in an environment where collaboration, social justice and holistic development are present. These are achieved by providing opportunities for leadership and student engagement in order to prepare them to take challenging responsibilities for their future world of work; nurturing individual skills, talents and abilities through academic, social and psychological support; creating a safe, healthy and holistic learning environment; providing innovative opportunities for self-awareness, student learning and social responsibility; and equipping students with necessary life skills in order for them to develop a sense of purpose.


  1. Processing of general inquiries, reports, and requests of students
    Students may send  official letters of inquiry, reports, or requests to the OVCSA on various concerns related to student affairs, services, and welfare. These may be endorsed to appropriate offices, as needed.
  2. Requests for Endorsements
    Students may request for endorsement from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as needed by the students. This may include application for Educational Development Fee Discount Request of foreign students, application to external scholarship programs, attendance to local or international conferences, and conduct of student organizations’ activities.
  3. AskUPD (UP Diliman Student Helpdesk)
    – Students who need immediate response on their inquiries and concerns may avail the services of the AskUPD Team. The AskUPD Team has readily available resources and a pool of information officers which can assist the students on their concerns about the registration and enrollment academic policies, student affairs and services.
  4. Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan UP Diliman
    Students who are tagged as Full Discount with Stipend (FDS) and Full Discount (FD) in the Student Learning Assistance System (SLAS) may avail learning assistance grants via the Kaagapay sa Pag-aaral ng Iskolar ng Bayan (#KaagapayUP) program. Students under these categories will receive an email from the #KaagapayUPD committee for details on how to avail the program. If you belong to these categories but was not contacted by the committee, please send an email to


The OVCSA Team