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The Office of Scholarships & Grants delivers student services which are significant in fulfilling the University’s mandate to support all UP students as agents of national development.

OSG provides various financial assistance to the Iskolar ng Bayan and continues the implementation of the financial assistance programs, policies and guidelines as approved by BOR. The staff is trained to help in counseling students in obtaining financial support and also supports UP Diliman units in need of student services through the SAGA Program.

The OSG is under the supervision of the Office of the UP Diliman Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in delivering relevant and comprehensive support to students enrolled in the UP Diliman campus. The OSG also assists the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) and the Office of Student and Financial Affairs (OSFA) in administering the different financial assistance programs and related activities of the University.


The Office of Scholarships and Student Services was established in 1991 during the 1040th meeting of the Board of Regents. It was first called the Student Financial Assistance Services (SFAS). In 2018, under the administration of Chancellor Michael Tan, it was renamed Office of Scholarships and Grants.


A University that continuously support students who can be agents of change for national progress


To ensure that unavailability of financial resources will not be a constraint for students in obtaining a UP education

SLAS Online/ST Discount

The Socialized Tuition (ST) System provides tuition discounts according to the students’ capacity to pay. This is applicable to students who are not covered by the Free Tuition Law, or those who have exceeded a stay of 10 semesters/5 years in the University. The percentage of the discount given is determined by the result of the students’ application wherein they are required to declare their household income and overall financial status.

Focal: Jocelyn Aberin
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505

Grants-in-Aid Program (GIAP)

GIAP is a partial or full tuition subsidy that offers assistance to miscellaneous fees and monthly stipend of students. It is available for undergraduate, law, and medicine students with annual income below Php 80,000. 

Focal: Aileen Reyes, Armando de Leon
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505


Student Loan Program

There are five types of student loans available:

  • Tuition Fee Loan covers up to 100% tuition loan and is available for ALL UP Diliman students, excluding cross-enrollees and those taking CPE courses. This can be availed DURING the registration period until the last day of payment for the semester. How to apply? Create your SLAS account and prepare the following documents:
    1. 1×1 ID Photo
    2. GSIS/SSS ID (or any valid ID) of parent / relative as co-debtor 
  • Short Term Cash Loan amounts to Php 3,000 per semester available to all enrolled Filipino undergraduate and graduate students. This can be availed one month AFTER the registration period. To apply, prepare the following document:
    1. UP Form 5
    2. 1×1 ID
    3. GSIS / SSS ID (or any valid ID) of co-debtor
    4. Photocopy of your UP ID (if available)
  • UPAA Sacramento & Vicinities, USA Student Loan Fund amounts to Php 5,000 per semester, available to undergraduate Filipino students with good moral and scholastic standing. Available AFTER the registration period, the requirements to apply are the following documents:
    1. Validated Form 5
    2. True Copy of Grades or CRS printout of grades
    3. Good moral certification from Office for Student Ethics
    4. 1×1 ID and Photocopy of UP ID 
    5. GSIS / SSS ID (or any valid ID) of parent/relative as co-debtor
  • CHED-Centers of Excellence (COE) Student Loan is amounting to Php 5,000 per semester available to undergraduate Filipino students with good moral and scholastic standing. It can be availed AFTER the registration, with required documents: 
    1. Student’s enrollment in CHED-identified COE courses in UP Diliman
    2. Validated Form 5
    3. True Copy of Grades or CRS Grade printout
    4. Good moral certification from Office for Student Ethics
    5. 1×1 ID and Photocopy of UP ID 
    6. GSIS / SSS ID (or any valid ID) of parent/relative as co-debtor
  • CHED-Student Assistance Fund for Education (SAFE) Loan is a Php 5,000 loan per semester available to undergraduate Filipino students with good moral and scholastic standing. It can be availed AFTER the registration, with required documents: 
    1. Student’s enrollment in CHED-priority courses (CMO) in UP Diliman
    2. Validated Form 5
    3. True Copy of Grades or CRS Grade printout
    4. Good moral certification from Office for Student Ethics
    5. 1×1 ID and Photocopy of UP ID
    6. GSIS / SSS ID (or any valid ID) of parent/relative as co-debtor

Focal: Ramona de la Paz, Manuel Serrano
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505

Adopt-a-Student Program

This program is exclusive for low-income students who may have lost their grants due to academic standing or other matters, or those whose current grants/benefits are not sufficient to cover their needs. Adopt-a-Student Program a minimum monthly allowance of Php 2,000. To apply for the program:

  1. write a letter of financial needs addressed to the Diliman Committee for Scholarships and Financial Assistance; then 
  2. request for the endorsement of the letter from your Dean or Adviser; and, finally,
  3. send the endorsed letter to the email address 

The application process usually takes a month.

Focal: Charisma Faith Velasco
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505


UPSSAAI Financial Assistance Program

The UPSSAAI Financial Assistance Program is a grant-in-aid program conceived exclusive to students of the UP School of Statistics who are either in junior or senior standing and are from the low-income group.


  • The program is open to Junior and Senior students in the UP School of Statistics.
  • Two (2) incoming Junior and two (2) incoming Senior students will be selected.
  • Grantees may be previous beneficiaries of financial assistance programs who lost their benefits due to failure in meeting the qualifications for award/grant renewal. Said grantee must be in need of financial assistance to continue studying, provided specific academic standing and conditions are satisfied. Grantees may be current beneficiaries of financial assistance programs who need additional support.


  • Book allowance of P 5,000 for one academic year
  • Monthly stipend of P5,000 for 10 month
  • Stipend of P10,000 if will enroll in the Midyear term


  • True Copy of Grades with computed General Weighted Average (GWA is 3.0 or better
  • Proof of Income of Parents/ Certification of Tax Exemption of Parents/ Certification of Indigency/ Other Financial Assistance, if applicable
  • No pending disciplinary case as certified by the Office of the College Secretary

Interested applicants may reach out to OSG Adopt-a-student program through for the application form and the link where to upload/submit the requirements.

Deadline of submission of application: 15 October 2022


GSIS Student Insurance

All students covered by RA 10931 are covered by the annual insurance policy for medical expenses for injuries from accidents. Student-claimants may report an incident and file for claims within 30 days from the date of the incident.

Focal: Leo Angelo Vargas
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505

Financial Assistance for Student Contingencies Program (FASCP)

All officially registered Filipino students of UP Diliman and its extension campuses/programs (including K-12 students), undergraduate and graduate students, cross-registrants, Juris Doctor students, those enrolled for a second degree, in diploma and certificate courses, are eligible for financial assistance in case of accidents resulting to either injuries or death, on and off campus.

This program has been provisionally expanded during the pandemic to cover illness and other medical expenses for the duration of the pandemic.

FASCP Covers:

  • Burial expenses for academic-related deaths
  • Medical expenses incurred for injuries sustained from accidents, academic-related or otherwise, occurring while the student is officially enrolled
  • Medical expenses incurred for illnesses for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic

Financial assistance shall be given on a reimbursement basis, net of Philhealth and other health insurances, not to exceed ₱20,000.00 per student per academic year.

Focal: Charisma Faith Velasco
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505

Student and Graduate Assistantship Program (SAGA)

SAGA is a financial aid program granting cash to students for their work rendered to the University. The total amount to not exceed 120 hours per month, with stipend at Php 60 / hour for student assistant, Php 100/hour per MA student; and Php 140/hour for doctoral student. Students can vie for assistantships by applying to the hiring unit with available positions. 

Focal: Arche Quijano
Contact:; (02) 8981-8500 loc. 4505

UP DOST Core Group

The UP-DOST Core Group oversees yearly activities meant to enhance the performance of the scholars. The office maintains a computer-based monitoring system to facilitate a reliable tracking of the scholars’ academic status, and also serves as liaison office for the facilitation of the release of funds such as monthly stipends, book allowance and subsidy of tuition fees. Scholars under the care of the UP-DOST Core Group each receive a tuition subsidy of P6,000.00 per semester.

Focal: Billy Joseph Bautista

Private and Government-Funded Scholarship Programs

The UP Diliman Scholarship Programs are envisioned to honor and encourage outstanding academic achievement or talent, help academically qualified but financially needy students, and encourage enrollment in particular academic programs.

This page is currently being updated with OSG’s complete list of scholarship programs.

In the meantime, interested applicants may


Application Process and Guidelines

The following are the updated workflow charts on the operations processed by the OSG Scholarship Section.

Processing of Donations for Scholarships

The donor must submit a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) and other requirements to the Scholarships Section of OSG. Once verified and approved, the donations can be deposited to the UPD Cash Office where an official receipt will be issued to the donor.


Processing of Scholarship Application

Eligible student applicants must submit complete requirements to OSG where a Scholarship Affairs Officer (SAO) will evaluate and rank them. The assigned Scholarship Committee will finalize the approved beneficiary/ies.


Processing of Scholarship Benefits

Student beneficiaries must submit complete requirements to OSG online. OSG and OVCSA will process the documents, while the UPD Accounting/Cash Office will credit the benefits to the LBP account of the student.


Landbank Enrollment for New Accounts

Student beneficiaries must send a request to create a new LBP account along with the required documents to OSG where the SAO will forward the request to UPD Accounting Office where they will issue a certification to both the student and the LBP staff.


Tagging of Scholarship Assignments

Once the student submits complete requirements to OSG, a SAO will evaluate them and will update the scholarship assignment of the student in the Computerized Registration System (CRS).


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