In line with efforts to #DefendUP as a safe space for academic freedom and a zone of peace, the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is gathering incident reports/concerns on physical and online safety and security that encroach on this peace and may be experienced by members of the UP Diliman community.


The general uptick of security concerns because of the increased online activities in the time of remote learning has further necessitated the tracking of such incidents for us to be able to have a clearer picture of the security situation of the UP community.


  • intimidation or harassment in any form, whether physical or online, directly experienced by the respondent
  • intimidation or harassment of another UP community member, whether physical or online
  • external police or military incursions in the UP campus
  • other security matters related to the above

NOTE: This form is NOT intended as a crisis hotline but primarily a tracking mechanism. If your report is an urgent matter, please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger at OVCSA,; or through Ask UPD Helpdesk at

Keep safe!