Freshie Guide to OVCSA Services (pdf)
This primer introduces the various services offered by the OVCSA and its sub-units to students, particularly freshies. It provides an overview of each office and their services, as well as updated contact details for further information and coordination.

UP Mental Health Service Providers Directory (pdf)
In support of the UP Mental Health and Wellness Network, the UP Student Affairs and Services units prepared this directory of Mental Health Service Providers. This directory provides vital information to link students with persons and organizations that can offer various psychosocial support and services even when they are at home. The material can also aid Student Affairs personnel when referring students to mental health service providers near an area for treatment and other interventions.

Ugnayan at Patnubay: UP Diliman COVID-19 Student Handbook (pdf, website)
This handbook collates information on public health measures, applicable laws and guidelines, and support services and programs for students offered by the University. Believing in a holistic approach to health, as students are affected not only by COVID but also by general academic concerns and issues, the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has assembled such information in two parts: guidelines for UP students on COVID response; and reintroduction of UPD services for academic support, financial support, mental health and wellbeing, and student discipline. This handbook includes a collection of memoranda pertaining to adjusted academic policies for the semester.

UPD Freshie Kit 2020: A UP Diliman Primer for Freshies (pdf)
To welcome the freshies of UP Diliman for the Academic Year 2020-2021, this resource introduces students to the administrators, offices, and various support services offered by the university for students. The program also features performances by various student organizations in UP, including the UP Repertory Company and the UP Pep Squad. Watch the full program in the video-catalogue version.

UP Student Code of Conduct 2012 (pdf)
This Code is the UPD’s basis of conduct and discipline: “The University of the Philippines Diliman promulgates these rules to cultivate values and encourage virtues that make the Filipino proud. These aim to strengthen character and nurture a community of scholars by upholding honor and inspiring excellence, which mark and distinguish UP education.”

Revised UP Diliman Student Election Code 2010 (pdf)
This Code governs the elections to the University Student Council in UP Diliman. These revised guidelines, promulgated in 2010, replaced the previous USC Election Code promulgated through EO No. 6 signed by then President Emmanuel V. Soriano in 1980 and subsequently revised in 1988.